I’ve been building and maintaining websites in 1999 when I took a handful of classes at North Seattle Community College in web development.  The first full website I built was for a number of "books" I had created in word that were for beginning and advanced guitar students. I used tabledit to generate guitar tabs and then cropped out sections of the tabs for the lessons.  I recorded sound samples of all the lessons and then created a website version of the books that I intended to give my students. I never wound up using the website but I got a lot of experience working with dreamweaver and html. I then worked as web-master for the blues to do’s newspaper for the next 10 years and built sites for my blues bands, guitar lessons, and for friends bands and small businesses. Back then I was mostly using Dreamweaver and designing sites in tables (also used their drag feature and i-frames, when times were simpler).

In 2008 I moved to New York City to study Sound and Music Therapy and began working for iTVk, a multimedia firm based out of Hoboken, NJ working on some of their small business clients websites as well as building a handful of websites for one of the top McGraw Hill's education department’s marketing team. These sites were all built in WordPress and I began specializing in WordPress at this time. I subsequently began working for a political commentator and began managing a large WordPress site using the multi-site platform, a role which I performed for the next 15 years.

In 2011 I moved back to Seattle and subsequently attended classes Seattle Central’s Web Design and Development Certificate programs and graduated with a Web Design Certificate in 2014.  Since then I’ve continued a wide range of Web Support Jobs for contracts through Creative Circle and The Creative Group where I’ve worked for a wide range of companies such as Alaska Airlines, King County United Way, and Visit Seattle building and/or maintaining their WordPress websites.  I’ve also continued to work for clients as a freelancer building, managing and supporting WordPress sites,  helping manage email and web servers, setting up google analytics and google tag manager, posting to social media feeds, integrating websites with social media, creating multimedia events and landing pages.

Currently I enjoy working with Non-profits (Innovative Music ProgramsOlyecosystems and Benefits Law Center), Musicians and Sound Healers (Alice Dow,  David Kennet, and Shem Guibbory), and Wellness professionals (David London, Darren Deterra).I also work with the great humans at  Wine and the Web building sites for Wineries and small businesses in the Sonoma area.

My skills are best utilized when i'm working with people that are passionate about what they do and need a helping hand making sure their web presence is serving them with the exposure they deserve.