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Whether you do a small or large amount of web marketing I can help implement any marketing tools you may be need to integrate your website.  Today a lot of people choose to set up facebook and/or twitter accounts to broadly notify new and used clients of any current specials or health tips they may have for them.  Creating landing pages for one off services, setting up an email marketing platform and mailing list with subscription forms from your website,  and automated email newsletters generated from your WordPress sites RSS feed are among the popular marketing services I provide.

What is an RSS Feed?

To understand what an RSS Feed is and why you would want one a few basic things need to be defined, RSS and RSS Feeds. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a web delivery format for regularly changing content and is used by online publishers of all shapes and sizes who want to syndicate their content.  RSS Feeds are used to create pull the content into Feed readers or news aggregate software and websites to bring different news content to you that is regularly being updated (an example of this is google news).  All WordPress "posts" generate an RSS feed which can be used to "feed" content to many email platforms.

What is an RSS-to-Email Campaign?

RSS-to-email allows you to "feed" your latest blog post(s) to a pre-defined email template that is then sent to your subscriber list. This can be used in a number of different ways to keep site subscribers up to date on current updates from your site. Their are many creative ways one can use this feature, important news can be posted to the site and fed to an email and sent as a one off mailing or monthly newsletters can be generated by the latest posts and set to send out automatically once a month.  Many of the most popular email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Mad Mimi, and GetResponse support RSS-to-email Campaigns.

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